I added this page because I feel there are a lot of isl3893-enthousiasts out there that seem to have no direction whatsoever. Their efforts seem to constitute on 'fiddling around' instead of working towards a common goal. I am in no way trying to claim 'project lead'.

General TODO-list


A major goal is to be able to run the OpenWRT distribution on the ISL3893. This consists of creating a working kernel, adjusting the init-scripts to add support for the ISL wifi chipset, and maintaining this code.

A free and current kernel

The current kernel used in built images is an old CVS-version of uClinux, patched with several ISL3893-specific patches from Intersil. Different manufacturers added patches for their ethernet switch or USB hub. The goal is to merge all these patches into the current uClinux trunk, and find a maintainer that is willing to maintain this code.

The problem is the closed-source MVC-layer. uClinux will never allow code that relies on the binary blob that MVC is. This is why we need to find a way to run the linux kernel without an abstraction layer, and adjust the freemac-driver to also support the ISL wifi chipset. This is a very big task that requires working together with uClinux devs, as well as freemac devs.

A free boot system

As well as having a linux kernel without abstraction layer, we would like a free boot system. If we can get RedBOOT to run on the Intersil hardware, we would gain features as remote-controlled boot.

Specific todo-list

Check out 'datastore'

There is a binary blob in most source distributions, called 'datastore'. This is an executable, comparable with nvram, to store data in a non-volatile memory. It is, however, closed-source. I would like to find out how this executable works, and if we can replace it with something open/free.

Feel free to add specific items.