This is provided as an easy and simple way to get an environment for
developing and compiling an isl3893 firmware. It is a VMware virtual
machine with a modified Fedora Core 5 (FC5) boot.iso in its CDROM drive
to start an unattended kickstart installation. The kickstart installation
file can be found at

To run this, one need:

- VMware Player 1.0.1
- copy of
- dhcp server to provide an IP adresse for the virtual maschine

Contents of the virtual machine are:

- three scsi disks (/dev/sda, /dev/sdb, dev/sdc) where
- sda contains the / and /boot filesystem (can grow to 4 GB)
- sdb is swap (up to 1GB)
- sdc contains mountpoint /source
- CDROM with a modified version of FC5 boot.iso
- Ethernet card

/source is intended to hold the source tree of your firmeware to be
built. It is on a different disk to make it easy to reinstall the
whole build environment without losing your source code.

Installing and starting the virtual machine:

- download vm-isl3893-fc5.tar and extract to an empty dir
- start WMware Player and open the extracted virtual machine
- power on the virtual machine
- after booting you see an fedora logo, press enter to begin install
- depending on your network connection wait a few minutes to several
hours (approx. 500MB to be downloaded). This runs completely
- If a login prompt appears install is finished, login as root with
password root
- I suggest to use ssh to login (because console keyboard is always

All you have to do now is to get the source code, unpack it in /source
and follow the instructions to compile it.