Welcome to ISL3893

ISL3893 is an ARM9 SoC (System On Chip) made by Intersil which contains 2 eth, 1 AES encryption module, USB1.1Host (no power), JTAG, MMCs, serial, etc. This chip is used with the isl3680 to built cheap 54g wireless access points.

Latest news

  • 19 dec 2007ISL3893 workshop with openwrt at the 24C3 CCC, Berlin, 28-29-30 Dec 2007
  • 13 apr 2006 — Markus Lauer made pictures (top view) of the PCB for the Sitecom WL-122. They look very much like the Fujistu-Siemens AP600 and the Medion MD40900.
  • 20 mar 2006 — New source toolchain available for recent linux distributions. Binary toolchains (i386, ppc) also available. Thanks to appeltaart.mine.nu.
  • 4 jan 2006 — Ruben Faelens has summarised some of the info on the mailing list.
  • 20 jun 2005 — Project for implementing a softmac for prism54 based chipsets.
  • 23 dec 2004 — Interesting page on howto load a new firmware through TFTP.
  • 8 july 2004 — Serial port is working on the Netgear wg602v2. Picture, plans, and dmesg output.
  • 27 may 2004 — Some pictures and information (in german) about the Medion MD40900.
  • 14 may 2004 — Netgear has finally released the sources for the wg602v2 here. Thanks Sidney Boumendil.
  • 24 apr 2004 — New version of the sources for the Fujistsu-Siemens here [77MO].
  • 17 apr 2004 — GPL testing in court by the Netfilter/Iptables team, due to refuse to give source code of the Sitecom WL-122 (isl3893 based!). In the same time, some source code has appeared on the webserver of Sitecom.
  • 01 apr 2004 — added infos and GPL code for Medion MD40900.
  • 26 mar 2004 — added an image of ap600 with serial console attached.
  • 24 mar 2004 — extracted a couple of patches from different firmware versions available — erich.
  • 16 mar 2004 — Get tty serial console on a smc2804wbr. Go on the hacking page.
  • 12 mar 2004 — Developpers wanted for recoding eth driver and installing a free booter: see the join page.
  • 09 mar 2004 — Siemens has released some source code for their Wlanap600. Seems that the kernel tar file is not complete…
  • 04 mar 2004 — I received an answer from GlobespanVirata regarding licencing questions of their devkit: MVC is clearly proprietary (so as to keep FCC compliance?). Do we think to replace this MVC stuff by another booter? Here's the letter from the Legal Departement.
  • 03 mar 2004 — Hardware list a little bit updated. Still looking for owners, FCC-IDs, and more technicals details… Please contribute!
  • 01 mar 2004 — Kernel+romfs succesfully compiled. Need to get the MVC part from the original wet54g firmware update.
  • 15 feb 2004 — Linksys has released the source code for the wet54gv2.
  • 01 feb 2004 — Netgear WG602v2 is running linux.